Exterior Car Wash

What is Exterior Car Wash?

We offer an exceptional service known as the Exterior Car Wash. Our team is dedicated to taking great care of your vehicle, leaving the exterior looking shiny and new. Our Exterior Car Wash service is a comprehensive package that includes a thorough cleaning of the exterior of your car. 

We understand that your car is a valuable asset and deserves to be treated with care. That’s why we take great care in washing your car thoroughly, making sure that every inch of it is spotless.

Our exterior car wash service includes washing the body of your car, cleaning the wheels and tires, and applying a protective coat of wax to help protect your car’s paint from damage caused by the sun and other elements.

At our car wash, we take pride in offering exceptional service at an affordable price. Our team is committed to delivering outstanding results, so you can enjoy driving a clean and shiny car.

From AED15

Exterior Car Wash

10 min

Efficient Wash Time

What We Do

Exterior Wash Features


Preparing the car for a thorough wash.

High Pressure

Cleaning the vehicle using a high-pressure water jet.

Tires & Rims Cleaning

Removing dirt, grime, and brake dust from the wheels and tires of the car.

Foam Wash

Washing a vehicle using a specialized foam without damaging the car surfaces.

Clean Windows

Remove dirt, streaks, and contaminants from the vehicle windows.

Tires Polishing

Removes oxidation, imperfections and adding a protective layer of polish or tire shine.

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